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Ropa Nueva Para Felipe

Is there any hope for eighteen-year old Felipe Tendilla? The doctor has told his mother that Felipe has two, perhaps three, weeks to live. Gregorio and Nicolasa, his parents, have tried everything to help him from medicinal herbs to witchcraft. But Felipe's condition - having lasted six and a half years…

Ropa Nueva Para Felipe is Available in Multiple Languages.

¿Con Quién Te Vas?

If money and power alone could create happiness, the Dávila family would be among the happiest in the world. But prosperity and success in business have brought Sergio and Rina Dávila everything but happiness. On the verge of divorce, the only thing they have in common is their five children. Is it possible…

¿Con Quién Te Vas? is Available in Multiple Languages.

Final Solution

The indoctrination of Gerrit Wolfaardt is complete: his family traditions, history, culture - even his church - have taught him black South Africans are a cancer in the land. Under the eye of prominent members of the government and military, Gerrit develops a diabolical plan to rid South Africa of its…

Final Solution is Available in Multiple Languages.

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