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Final Solution

The indoctrination of Gerrit Wolfaardt is complete: his family traditions, history, culture - even his church - have taught him black South Africans are a cancer in the land. Under the eye of prominent members of the government and military, Gerrit develops a diabolical plan to rid South Africa of its…

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I was moved and inspired by Cris Krusen’s movie, Final Solution, and believe his heart is one that is following the Lord. His ability as a writer and director is rare and I have no doubt the Lord has many more fruitful years ahead of him. When a filmmaker can engage viewers the way Cris does, lives will be changed.
Alex Kendrick, Writer/Director/Actor
Sherwood Pictures (More Than Giants, Fireproof, Courageous)

You've done it! Congratulations. It's a mainstream piece with strong Christian elements. The acting was superb and the directing was good. My criticisms are mild because the story is so strong and compelling and overshadows some technical stuff. So, I won't pass them along, and I'll just bask that a Christian has made a great film with an explicit message.
Stan Williams, Ph.D., Executive Producer
SWC Films


Destino Final

Murder, robbery, alcoholism, divorce… These are some of the issues dealt with in this docudrama presenting four true-life stories of Mexican Indians. How can a person regain strength in the midst of adversity? Can you know your final destiny? Filmed on location in Mexico by award-winning writer/director,…

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We find the video, Destino Final, to be an excellent tool for the church-planting/evangelism work we're doing among the lower class of Mexico City. In Mexico, it is very easy to have someone say, "Yes, I want to ask Jesus into my heart" and then to pray a prayer. However, to clearly explain what repentance is and what sin is can be much more difficult. This video SHOWS what is spiritually at stake as we see the transformation of real people's lives! We are more convinced than ever that God was a true partner in your production and wholeheartedly recommend Destino Final for those working among the Mexican people. We wish to tell you THANKS. We have no idea how much prayer went into this, but we think you have “hit the nail on the head.”
International Mission Board
Southern Baptist Convention

When we showed portions of Destino Final, eight or nine out of about twenty-five people responded for salvation. The testimonies produced tears and had a tremendous impact.
Steve Irwin
GO International


Lo Mejor de Rescatados del Infierno

A Peruvian warlock… a Cuban boxer… a Colombian millionaire… a Mexican rock star…  These are just some of the riveting, true-life stories taken from the popular series Rescued from Hell – stories of war and peace… darkness and light…  hopeless despair and the miracles of God. This three hour-plus visual…

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This series of unforgettable, true-life stories will speak to the hearts of this and future generations. Imagine more than three hours of dramatic testimonies in Spanish demonstrating God’s power to free people from bondage whatever the circumstance! I recommend Rescatados del Infierno without hesitation as a tremendous tool for evangelism in the Hispanic world.
Rev. Daniel De León
Templo Calvario
Santa Ana, California

Since you brought us the film Rescatados del Infierno, we’ve used it many times. The testimonies from this film have impacted the people here very much. We are being asked to show it in a different place every day. Revival has broken out, and it’s amazing the impact it has on people. Many people have been deeply touched by the testimonies of this film. In the town of Venecia of San Carlos, a town where no one has ever shown a film, Rescatados del Infierno had such an impact that the people asked Brother Teófilo to show the film 3 times every day while he was there. Many of the children were able to hear the Gospel and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. The greatest thing about all of this is there was a church that had closed down in this town, and after the many film showings and the revival that started, the church has re-opened.
Mercedes Solano Salas

CSC Film Ministry
San Jose, Costa Rica

About three months ago I began to provide a program of Christian videos to the Spanish-speaking population in our facility. I had ordered videos that were being provided for prison ministry through Films For Christ. In the assortment of videos that were provided was the series that you have produced called Rescatados del Infierno. As a result of showing this film, and the ministry that followed, six men gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Thank you for producing quality Christian films that show testimony of the transforming power of Jesus Christ.
Raymond M. Perez

Protestant Chaplain
Essex County Correctional Facility, Middleton, Massachusetts


¿Con Quién Te Vas?

If money and power alone could create happiness, the Dávila family would be among the happiest in the world. But prosperity and success in business have brought Sergio and Rina Dávila everything but happiness. On the verge of divorce, the only thing they have in common is their five children. Is it possible…

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¿Con Quién Te Vas? is a powerful and effective film…extremely well-directed with splendid acting.
Dr. Ted Baehr
Movieguide Magazine

My family recently had the privilege of watching your film ¿Con Quién Te Vas? We were EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the authenticity of the social situations, the language, the reactions of the characters to their circumstances, the production quality – everything. My wife is from Mexico and we know upper middle-class families who have been on the brink of divorce. ¿Con Quién Te Vas? is 100% culturally accurate, almost painfully accurate when you know people who have been through it. I must tell you that I am a bit of a “purist” when it comes to literature and film evangelism. I strongly, almost exclusively, advocate the use of SCRIPTURE ONLY for witnessing. God has given your ministry creativity and skill and you have used your talents in a way that glorifies Him. Many people, who might view a film about the life of our Lord with disinterest, will find themselves captivated by the Gospel message as presented in your film. It strikes them too close to home to ignore!
Brian Stewart
Action International

At the noon service, the Pastor said to me, “Brother, I want to see that movie again,” because it was a different service with different people. So I showed the movie again, and once again many people came to the feet of Jesus. About three-hundred people were saved at the two showings.
Enrique Hernandez
Film Evangelist

One product that has been a blessing to us from Messenger Films has been With Whom Will You Go. Although the film was originally made for a Spanish-speaking audience, we dubbed it into Russian and for five years now the interest in that film continues. We have used this film with joy to spread the kingdom of God throughout the former Soviet Union. Good job Messenger Films.
Steve Weber, Regional Director
CBN International, Ukraine

I can assure you that the Lord has greatly used the productions of Messenger Films in the conversion of thousands of people here in Cameroon. I am not talking about hundreds; I am talking about thousands. Many churches have been established and created from the showing of their films, and I am a personal witness that such is the case.
Rev. Raymond Koffi
Church Leader, Cameroon

I recently watched your inspiring and spiritually moving film ¿Con Quién Te Vas? My marriage has deteriorated to the point where I know only a miracle can save it. That miracle is for my wife to come to know Christ also. I feel her watching this movie will definitely make a difference. Maybe “the” difference. I would like to know how I could go about having this video sent to my family. I am currently serving a 3-year prison sentence.
Alberto Montes

Last month we showed the film ¿Con Quién Te Vas? twice in the little town of Chemoyoli, Yucatán, and there were 32 decisions. Praise the Lord! It is a terrific film with a dynamic message.
Dr. David Solt
Latin America Mission

The family problems illustrated in ¿Con Quién Te Vas? are so universal that viewers in almost any country can identify with the Dávila family and are moved by the way the Lord worked in their lives. We recently received a touching testimony from a lady in Zambia that illustrates this so well. She writes, “We have seen the goodness of the Lord in our home after watching ¿Con Quién Te Vas? Our marriage was on the rocks, but has now been restored. Our first love for each other has been re-kindled.”
Kim H. Mitchell, Director of Operations
CBN International

This film has been one of the most effective evangelistic films we have ever used. We’ve shown it throughout Baja California, México. Many people, especially the men, are brought to tears, as they see their lives, problems and marriages reflected in this film. They are given hope and a clear presentation of salvation. At one presentation, in Ciudad Constitución, Baja Sur, an old man came up to me in tears, grabbed me and thanked me so much for coming, saying that this film had given him new hope in his life. He had received Christ that night. Afterwards, we found out that many believers had been praying for him for quite a while and were so encouraged that He had accepted Christ.
David Tazelaar
Missionary Gospel Fellowship, Tijuana, México

We showed the movie at Christmastime in San Salvador to a man who was on the verge of divorce – just like the father from ¿Con Quién Te Vas? We knew the man’s sister, who had been praying for him for years, and had arranged for us to show the movie to him in her home. After the movie, her brother couldn’t resist telling us that he wanted to receive the Lord Jesus in his heart. He prayed to receive Christ, and went back that same evening to his wife, who was (so we heard) very bitter and resentful toward him. We prayed for God to change this man’s life completely, and for restoration to occur at home. He called us later on New Year’s Eve to let us know how wonderful he felt and how there was a new peace and harmony in his home. His extended family, seeing how the Lord had worked so powerfully and in so short a time, all wanted the same thing he had. His mother received the Lord in her heart, then his sister and all her family, and everybody was full of the Holy Spirit. Joy and peace was upon everybody. I called them recently (several months after the first visit) to see how they were doing. All of them are growing in the Lord – reading the Word of God and attending a local church. PRAISE GOD!!!!! There have been many more testimonies related to this film. The purpose of this short letter is to encourage you guys to keep up the good work and continue on with the Great Commission. You are in my prayers, and I send my regards to all in the ministry.
Cesar Gil
Missionary to Central America

Films continue to be fruitful tools of evangelism. In recent weeks we have shown our newest video ¿Con Quién Te Vas? numerous times. Pastors are saying it is exactly what is needed to reach the lost in their communities. Hundreds have prayed for salvation after seeing this outstanding film. It deals especially with problems in the family.
Tim and Trena Johnson
Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

Your movies have been a great tool for ministry in our area and for many, many other that we know. We appreciate the work you do very much. We have found the movie, ¿Con Quién Te Vas? to be especially useful, as there are so many family/marriage problems, and this movie gives hope and shows where and Who the solution is.
Laurie G.
Missionary to Mexico


Ropa Nueva Para Felipe

Is there any hope for eighteen-year old Felipe Tendilla? The doctor has told his mother that Felipe has two, perhaps three, weeks to live. Gregorio and Nicolasa, his parents, have tried everything to help him from medicinal herbs to witchcraft. But Felipe's condition - having lasted six and a half years…

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I strongly recommend Ropa Nueva para Felipe as an evangelistic film and as a challenge to Christians who view it to “go and make disciples of all nations.”
Dr. Bill Bright, Founder
Campus Crusade for Christ

Its attention to detail, cultural nuances, and particularly to the deep spiritual needs prevailing in Latin America is very touching. Most importantly, Ropa Nueva para Felipe presents a personal and powerful God who transforms lives from hopeless depths of despair to peace and joy in Jesus Christ. I am certain that this film will be greatly used by God to bring happiness to millions.
Guillermo Luna
United Bible Societies

Being Hispanic, I could readily identify with the events of Felipe’s life; they are common for many Hispanics. The Hispanic community will relate well to the tensions and joys of Felipe and his family. This film will, I believe, go over exceptionally well in all evangelical Christian churches – from conservative to charismatic.
Randy A. Payán, President
Project Share

After seeing so many Christian films shot in English, then dubbed into Spanish, it’s refreshing to see one that was written and produced in Spanish - right in Latin America. Felipe’s conversion and unexpected healing are powerfully moving because they are told in authentic simplicity… filmed with Mexican actors right where the story happened. A bonus is the appearance of Felipe himself at the end of the film, assuring viewers that this is his true story and inviting them to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. I heartily recommend Ropa Nueva para Felipe as an evangelistic tool for use in Latin America and among Spanish-speaking peoples in North America.
J. Paul Landrey, International Coordinator

Ropa Nueva para Felipe has truly made a great impact on the Indians of southern Mexico. We’ve been showing this film for over 20 years to indigenous people in Mexico. There are seven to ten teams that go out each night to different migrant labor camps in Culiacán. So each night, anywhere from several hundred to several thousand see and hear of Felipe’s healing and acceptance of the Gospel. The Gospel is presented in a culturally acceptable way, not a preachy, religious way.
David Gutiérrez, Media Manager and Supervisor for the Americas
Global Recordings Network

I was extremely impressed with Ropa Nueva para Felipe! This undoubtedly will prove successful in bringing thousands to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Patti Thiele, General Department of Youth
The Wesleyan Church

We have shown Ropa Nueva para Felipe in several places in México… I have not seen a Spanish film that comes near to comparing in quality of production or believability. Keep up the good work.
Kenny Ingram
The Master’s Harvest

When I speak with other contacts, the following phrases are repeatedly mentioned in connection with Ropa Nueva para Felipe: “moving and compassionate”; “impacting and forceful”; “offers hope to the poor”; “evangelistic”; “professional”. I really thank the Lord for making this incredible film available in the Spanish world.
Richard Luna, Regional Director
Puertas Abiertas

What a superb job you have done and what an instrument you have fashioned for the Lord’s use! This is an authentically Latin American film. You have been sensitive to culture, and I’m sure that the viewers will identify with the situation and with the characters.
Kenneth B. Mulholland, Dean
Columbia Biblical Seminary & Graduate School of Missions

We showed the film Ropa Nueva para Felipe to a group of about 500 people from different congregations in Quito. All of them were touched by the marvelous story and the miracle in young Felipe’s life. Some of the people heard the gospel for the first time and ten people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. An 11-year-old boy named Alex was among the crowd that night. His appearance displayed his rebellious spirit. The person who had brought him to the meeting told us that he had hit his mother earlier that evening. When the film was over and the call was given to receive Christ, the boy came forward. He said he wanted to accept Jesus so that Jesus would love him like He did Felipe in the film, because his mother didn’t love him. He was guided in prayer and the change that immediately occurred was really beautiful. He stooped down to tie his shoes in an attempt to change his appearance, and the expression of pain and anger that had previously been on his face turned into a smile. The boy’s name is Alex Fabian Hurtado. We are doing follow up and trust that the Lord will also bring the child’s entire family into the Kingdom.
Mario de la Vega

700 Club of Quito, Ecuador

When we show this film, if there are fifty people in the village, fifty people come. If there are two hundred people, two hundred people come. If there are three hundred and fifty people, three hundred and fifty people come. Our preaching doesn’t bring that number, but the film and witness of the film does. In showing this film, we have seen absolute miracles – instant professions of faith in Jesus Christ. Who, then, can measure the value of a powerful witnessing film such as Ropa Nueva para Felipe? Jesus said go and take the Gospel to everyone. That’s what your film does – everywhere we go.
Edwin C. Lookabaugh

Missionary to México

Ropa Nueva para Felipe has been a blessing to thousands here in Panamá. Many have accepted the Lord as a result of the message of this film. We are grateful for your ministry.
Larry Cederblom

Missionary, Assemblies of God

It is an especially good film for us to use because it was made in México. That one fact alone first draws the people’s interest. We have experienced that approximately 11% of the persons viewing the film make a decision to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
Bert and Margaret Pierce

El Mensaje de Vida

We have shown this film throughout Sinaloa, México. It has brought forth an abundance of fruit resulting both in salvation for the soul and healing for the body. Based on the results of our follow-up, I would estimate that 25-30% of the viewers of the film have made positive decisions for Christ.
Dale Whinery
Wings of Faith Ministries

This film has been a tremendous blessing to me personally. I use this film all over Mexico in the mountains, in little villages, in the jungle. I show the film everywhere.
John Huntley
Missionary to Mexico

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