25 Years of Messenger Films

Cristóbal Krusen PhotoWelcome to Messenger Films, founded in 1988 by writer/director Cristóbal Krusen

Sustained by charitable gifts from donors like you, our heart's desire is to produce high-quality films that declare God’s glory among the nations. We remain true to that mission today, continuing to spread the message in a way that is both spiritually significant and culturally relevant for audiences across the globe. 

We are currently discussing the possible film adaptation of author Leo Habet's novel Hades. To learn more, click here

Please take a moment to watch the theatrical trailer for our most recent feature film, Sabina K., shot on location in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as a behind-the-scenes featurette from the movie, UndauntedWritten and directed by Cristóbal Krusen for the Josh McDowell MinistryUndaunted has won awards at film festivals in the United States, Switzerland and Italy. 

The Making of "Undaunted"